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How does it work?

As first contact, we invite you to fill the small survey you’ll find in Contact, about your escape room (theme, script, gameplay rhythm… ) or any other type of game you are planning really .

Your answers are central for us to fathom your room and expectations and begin to conceive the soundtrack and sound effects tailored to your desires.

We’ll come back to you in a later phase, where we’ll settle a telephone or Skype meeting, in order to clarify your eventual questions and refine the project.


What security to expect?

Before beginning the our cooperation, we present to you a service contract, that will be detailed together, meant to protect our both parties and start on a transparent basis.


How much do we charge?

We conceive tailor-made soundtracks and effects according to your expectations but also your budget. Our product ranges evolve based on the requests you formulated while exchanging (their length, the level of interaction with the riddles, the complexity of the sound effects…).

An accounting study on your project is then pursued as a result of which a first free pro forma invoice will be submitted to you.


How long does it take?

If our exchanges are fast and clear, you’ll receive a first pro forma invoice proposition in a few days. Once the invoice confirmed and the contract signed, we’ll realise your sound package in the space of one or two week depending on its length and complexity.


Why would you chose Labyrinthe Sonore?

Since we are Game Masters, we understand the requirements for an escape room and have a keen understanding on the exigences of role-playing, as well as the huge difference that a quality soundtrack can make to obtain an optimum immersion in be certain to have our plain attention and understanding of your needs not to forget our legendary sunny disposition!